Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Katie Doll

10 year old Katie Doll is still fighting for her life and needs all the help and prayers she can get. Go to her website and if it's in your heart, please consider offering whatever knowledge, support, and aid you may be able to. Katie is the kind of person that would do it for you. I knew her that much. Katie Doll was the brightest spot in Taylors, S.C.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pony rides

If your needing to feel better nothing works faster than watching kids laugh out loud. Where does this happen? One sure place is wherever there are animals and the favorite animal seems to be horses.
In many areas such as in Greenville S.C. the horses can come to you and your party or event. Check out www.PonyGoRound.Com You cannot be too miserable when your own child or even other children are smiling and giggling all around you. Also, when a kid gets up on a pony for the first time it is probably an event that will never be forgotten.
If I were wanting a really unique and special time for some kids, and wanted to cheer up myself, next time I'll be thinking ponies.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Elections get old as fast as you do.

Repeat over and over and over how bad things are. Do it everyday once every four years. First people start to believe it. Then people start to say.. "yeah. the current administration really must suck." In this case "Bush sucks". WE are supposed to have health care for everyone. The government is failing us. A bridge collapsed, fire Bush. My street has potholes I need a check from the government.

Negative feelings do not help anyone. My family lost everything including a business in Daytona Fla. years ago to hurricane Donna, nobody even complained. We just figured it was our fault we didn't have the right insurance and pulled ourselves up. This was government assistance, after all, aren't we the government?

We better wake up and smell the roses before we have to try to learn chinese. The rhetoric is making me want to go buy something for nausea, I guess Wallmarts closest.